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Dr. Melissa Bucking ND, naturopathic doctor, smiling at camera in yellow sweater wearing a stethoscope with the escarpment as the backdrop

It's time to take control of your gut health.

I help busy people take back control of their digestion so they can reclaim their happiness and start to show up fully again.

I believe that we all deserve to feel empowered in our health. When we are empowered, we open opportunities to greater happiness. 

Let's get you there. 

Your health begins in your gut.

This is my passion. Your digestive system lays the foundation for your health.

How can you expect to feel energized, alert, and happy if you are uncomfortable every day? You need a strong gut to digest and absorb nutrients crucial for your energy, mood, and confidence.. And that is just the beginning of how your gut impacts your health. Your digestive system is critically involved in supporting immune function, regulating hormones, and guiding brain function and mood.

You're in the right place if ...

  • You're tired of feeling bloated and uncomfortable every day

  • You've been diagnosed with IBS and you're feeling confused and looking for better answers​

  • You don't want to keep avoiding foods just to manage your heartburn, bloating, and other gut symptoms

  • You want to do more to prevent colitis flare-ups and keep your gut healthy

  • You're tired of struggling to poop everyday

  • You're looking for someone to support you where you are at, without eliminating all your favourite foods or taking endless supplements 


There is so much we can do and I'd love to show you how.

Free No-Bloat Checklist
Close up of a stethoscope laid against a piece of wood with the name Melissa Bucking, a naturopathic doctor, engraved on the stethoscope

Get my FREE No-Bloat Checklist with the key habits for better digestion without food elimination and supplements.
Conditons Treated

Digestive Conditions

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Crohn's + Colitis

Heartburn + indigestion

Diarrea + Constipation


& more

There is more we can do. By optimizing the digestive system, using targeted nutritional therapies, and repairing intestinal damage, we can get you symptom-free!


Neurological Conditions

Post-concussion syndrome


Essential Tremor

Anxiety + Depression

Dementia + Memory

& more

Your brain & your gut are connected. Inflammation and dysfunction in one leads to dysfunction in the other. Targeted treatment of the gut and the nervous system, along with critical nutritional counselling is key to treating the brain. 


Chronic Illness


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic hives + dermatitis

Autoimmune Conditions

Eczema + Psoriasis

& more

Your gut plays a large role in regulating your immune function, inflammation, and pain. With additional training in managing complex illness, I can provide comprehensive strategies to manage chronic concerns. 

Areas I can offer support:

More about my approach & philosophy.

 I believe in a collaborative approach to health.

You know your body, I know the medicine. Together, we can work towards achieving your health goals with a plan that is specific to you. We are all unique and we need support that reflects that individuality.

To truly achieve health long-term, we need to step away from looking at symptoms alone. We need to look at what those symptoms are telling us and how they affect you a whole. I don't just want to give you things that make you feel better now, I want to give you tools and strategies that continue to support you for years to come.

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Let's Get Started.

The right time is now. Stop letting your digestion interfere with your best self.
Let me help you gain digestive freedom so you can start to show up fully again. 

Learn more and find out how I can help by booking a FREE 15 minute discovery consultation.

Dr. Melissa Bucking ND, naturopathic doctor smiling at camera standing with arms crossed wearing black dress and stethoscope around neck with a fence covered with vines as the backdrop

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Ready to take control of your health?

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