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The 3 Surprising Reasons you
Can't Beat the Bloat

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The FREE 60-Minute Live Workshop to give you the gut health knowledge you need to take control of your body even if you’re working around the clock, not spending every day cooking meals in the kitchen, or taking care of your kids while trying to run your business.   


You’ll learn the key players in good digestion, the 3 surprising reasons you might be chronically bloated, and the simple lifestyle changes you can make for long-term results!

100% Free. Easy Actionable Steps.

“Gut health” has become a trendy topic, but everywhere you look a different “expert” has a different answer. Trying to decide what applies to you can be really overwhelming. Searching for practical ways to spend less time in the bathroom or not having to unbutton your pants after a big meal again may leave you even more confused... 


  • “I don’t know where to start.” 

  • “One website tells me to eat more fiber, and another source says to do the exact opposite… what am I supposed to do?” 

  • “Gut health resources are generalized, but we’re all different people. What advice should I implement for my daily life?”

  • “Within 15 minutes of my doctor’s appointment, I was diagnosed with IBS but given no direction of what to do next. I feel lost and alone.”


Finding the information you need to actually get relief shouldn’t be this hard or inconsistent.  After 4 years of practice and seeing so many patients, I’ve learned that when you understand why you are bloated you can more easily take control and take the steps needed to get finally get relief. They can make the decisions they need in order to feel better… Which is why I wanted to teach you the “3 Surprising Reasons You Can’t Beat the Bloat.” 


In this free workshop, I’ll break down your gut health and bloating symptoms and leave you with 3 actionable tips you can take to help you beat the bloat. 

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You’ll learn tips on how to:


  • Optimize your digestion by understanding the basics of gut health

  • Minimize your bloating and understand the 3 reasons why you’re feeling bloated in the first place

  • Implement the 6 foundational pillars of gut health for a happy and healthy gut

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And as a big “thank you” for showing up, you’ll receive 2 Bonuses 🎁

Implementing ways to get your bloating under control doesn’t have to be hard! As a thank you for attending my webinar, I’ll send you my Symptom Tracker and IBS Cheat Sheet

The days of painful flare-ups and gassy bathroom breaks can be OVER!  You’ll leave this workshop with value-packed info like how to: 

  • Understand your body

  • Learn why you feel bloated

  • The foundations that build a strong healthy gut


This workshop is for determined women who want to live a stress-free, energetic life without worrying about their digestion.

Wave Bloating Goodbye!

Dr. Melissa Bucking ND

Hi there! 


My name’s Melissa, I'm a naturopathic doctor based in Ontario. 


My digestive journey struggles inspired me to become a doctor and help others struggling with confusing and embarrassing symptoms.


At 16 years old, I started having a BUNCH of digestive issues. I was always:

  • in pain

  • running to the bathroom

  • feeling super anxious 


The pain was so bad that I’d drop to the ground. 


After a terrible experience with a gastroenterologist, countless diets, and endless Google searches, I gave up hope. 


I felt alone, isolated, and like no one understood what I was going through.


It wasn’t until university that I finally got my symptoms under control. I stopped obsessing about my diet and started enjoying life. I learned about the foods that contributed to flare-ups (for me it was milk) and I started making the necessary changes to find long-lasting relief.


Now, I help my patients who are dealing with digestive issues understand where their symptoms, like bloating, are coming from. 


We’re all unique and there are a several reasons why you may have gut issues like IBS, but one thing’s certain – there’s a reason why you’re experiencing your symptoms and there are ways to make  long-term, sustainable changes.


My purpose is to empower and educate you about your gut health. Gut health and digestion don’t have to be confusing. And you can do something about your symptoms.


Understanding my gut health changed my life, and I want the same for you too. I’m excited that we’ll be on this journey together!

Join me for my free, live workshop to gain clarity about your gut health and bloating!



Unfortunately, I can’t attend the webinar times listed. Will the webinar be recorded?

Yes! I understand that we all have many commitments and we’re from different time zones. You’ll receive a recording of the webinar if you sign-up.


I’m dealing with gut issues, but I’m not sure if this workshop is for me. Will I benefit from the workshop?

I completely understand! Gut health can be complex because we each have a gut microbiome as individualized as our fingerprints. This gut workshop is educational, so I believe anyone can benefit. However, I want to respect your time. So if you have specific questions, email me at or DM me on Instagram @drmelissabuckingnd.

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