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The IBS User Guide

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The IBS User Guide is the info packet you need when you've been diagnosed with IBS. It's why you have IBS, what causes all those uncomfortable symptoms, and the 6 foundations needed to build a happier gut. The IBS User Guide is designed to work through in sequential order. We start with understanding why you have IBS and the different underlying causes and factors. Then we work through 4 foundational areas of health crucial for a strong, healthy gut: nutrition, stress, sleep, and hormones. This will allow you to use the ultimate IBS Cheat Sheet to reflect on what is happening in your gut. We finish with troubleshooting and next steps. This will allow you to advocate for yourself better when it comes to your gut health. You’ll also receive access to our monthly LIVE Q&A calls to get your gut health questions answered and set the foundation for a thriving gut.

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