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Thriving with IBS

The group treatment program for women with IBS who are ready to overcome the daily bloat & pain, break the cycle of food fear and restriction and learn how to thrive with their sensitive gut

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re struggling with daily bloating, gas, and discomfort...

  • You feel stressed and overwhelmed and your gut is reacting unpredictably to it...

  • You eat something one day with no issues and the next its causing you to double over in pain...

  • You’re avoiding going out to eat for fear of how your gut will react...

  • You’ve tried the gut cleanses, the probiotics, and crazy diets and didn’t have lasting results...

  • You’re tired of just accepting that you have a sensitive gut...

It doesn't have to be this way.

You do not have to simply suffer with IBS.

I know you're tired of just accepting that you have a sensitive gut. Maybe your health care providers have told you nothing is wrong or it's nothing serious but it doesn't feel that way. Manage your stress and take more fiber can't be the only solutions - and let me tell you they are not. 

I've been there, I've felt the frustration and now I help women break this cycle and start to feel good in their gut again. 

1 in 10 people are enduring IBS. You are not alone and you don't need to keep accepting the bloating & the pain.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

This is why I created the 
Thriving with IBS program.

It's designed to help you finally understand your gut in a way that allows you to regain digestive freedom. 

In this 6 month group program you will:

  • Learn to understand your IBS and the underlying causes of your symptoms

  • Receive specific strategies to reduce and manage all symptoms of IBS including bloating, pain, indigestion, heartburn, constipation & diarrhea

  • Gain a practical approach to food & nutrition for you gut to help break the cycle of food fear

  • Learn the 6 foundations of gut health that help you thriving even with a sensitive gut

What you'll learn in the program that sets you up to thrive.

Here's how it works:


We start with a 1:1 assessment to determine your specific needs

You meet the group in our first of eight sessions. These are the women you'll be learning and thriving with throughout our program. The group sessions will be bi-weekly for the first two months then monthly for the remainder of the program

Each 60-90 minute session includes:

  • A check-in on how you are doing & how our goals and strategies have been going

  • A short lesson on one of the key foundations

  • A update to your treatment goals and strategies

  • Take home videos to enhance your learning

Our final session will wrap up everything we've learned in the program and how to continue to thrive.

You'll have the opportunity to book additional 1:1 appointments throughout the process as needed.

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More about your guide.

The reason I am so passionate about helping women navigate their IBS is because I am one of those women who has struggled. 

In my journey I had no help. I was dismissed by my doctor and my gastroenterologist because my concerns were "not serious enough."

F.A.Q + Additional Information


What is the investment for the program?

The total investment of the program is $950, tax exempted as this is a treatment program. 

The cost of the initial 1:1 is $150.

The cost of each group session is $100.

You will be invoiced after the completion of each session.

Supplements and herbs that may be prescribed are not included in the cost as they may not be needed and will differ for each person. 

* You will have the opportunity to leave the group at any point if you choose and will not be charged for the remainder of the sessions. Note there is a cancellation fee if less than 48 hours notice is provided for any of the sessions. 


When are the group sessions run?

The sessions will be held virtually on a weekend evening from 7-9 pm. The specific day will remain the same throughout the program.

You must be a resident of Ontario and in Ontario to participate in this program.


How does Thriving with IBS differ from other gut health programs?

Many programs out there promise they have the protocol to heal and cure your gut for good. This sounds amazing but in reality there is no cure to IBS, especially not in a one-size fits all model.


Thriving with IBS is a lifelong process. 

During this 6 month program I'll be guiding you through the foundations that support a strong & happy gut. This is information you can use long after the program to continue supporting your gut. 

You'll be given individualized guidance to address the root of your specific IBS concerns throughout the process and how they apply to our core learnings.

Resources will also be made available to you to assist in enhancing your practice and implementing what you have learned in between our sessions. 

The goals is by the end of our program, you are consistently having symptom free days and you have the knowledge to continue to support your gut.


What if I don't see results? Is there a money back guarantee?

Medicine is complex and not everyone responds to same treatments even when they are backed by the best research.

The application process is designed to help determine whether this program is the right fit to provide you with results but I cannot guarantee that as each person is unique.

Group medicine allows you to receive treatment at a shared cost while also learning from your peers and receiving support from like-minded people who are experiencing similar things to you.

At any point in the program, you are welcome to book 1:1 appointments to better address your individual needs. If the group is not adding to your care, you can withdraw from the program and will not be charged any additional fees.


Can this program be covered by my insurance plan?

Extended insurance plans often cover the expenses of naturopathic care. If you have employee benefits or third-party private insurance, they may pay for some or all of the costs associated with this therapeutic treatment program. You are responsible for contacting your insurance provider to confirm if your plan covers naturopathic medicine and group treatment. After each session, you will receive an itemized receipt to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. If you do not have insurance coverage for this type of care, you may be able to claim the program's cost as a medical expense; however, it is advisable to consult a tax professional for guidance and assistance.


Do I need to attend every session and what happens if I cannot make a session?

It is highly recommended you attend each session to get the maximum benefit designed by this particularly program. 

But I get it, sometimes life happens. If you are not able to make a session, we can supplement it with a 1:1 session instead so you don't miss out on any learning materials. 

If you are not able to attend a session, I ask you provide a minimum of 48 hours notice to avoid being charged a late cancellation fee. 

Still have questions?

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Get in touch & learn more.

Thank you for reaching out. I will get back to you soon!

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