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The IBS User Guide

So you can take control of your digestion and beat the daily bloating and gas for good

This course gives women with IBS the knowledge and tools to understand what’s really going on in their gut so they can live healthier, happier lives without digestive upset.

You've been diagnosed with or maybe you suspect you have IBS... now what? You're not willing to accept that you have to just suffer through it.

You want more. You want to know why. And you want to know how you can make it better. 


Maybe you’ve found yourself daydreaming… 

  • You think of living a more enjoyable life without fear of flareups so you don’t have to be afraid of eating away from home.

  • You wish you understood why this is happening so you can have a clear plan of action if digestive upsets happen.

You dream of having confidence in your food and lifestyle decisions so you can stop avoiding and start to live your best life.

Have you been looking for more?

Understanding your gut health and IBS isn’t always a smooth journey

  • You fear you have to cut out a bunch of foods that you enjoy eating.

  • You worry you’ll need to make frequent visits to your food health store to buy a basket-full of expensive probiotics and supplements.

  • Your schedule is PACKED! You’re concerned that dealing with your health issues will take time away from your work, your friends, your family and other priorities.


I get it, I’ve been there too…

Taking control of your digestive health doesn’t need                to be complicated

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If we haven’t met yet, hi, I’m Melissa. I’m a naturopathic doctor based in Ontario, and I have a passion for all things gut health. 

It started with my own journey and my own diagnosis with IBS. I was suffering with daily bloating and pain. I was embarrassed to eat in public for fear of how my gut would react and if I would need to make an emergency bathroom trip.

I waited patiently for months to see a specialist. I did all the tests. And finally I was told I "just have IBS" and I should learn to live with it and learn to manage my stress better. 

I was devastated and I felt powerless. But I wasn't willing to accept there was nothing I could do. This kickstarted me on a mission to make sure fewer women had the experience that I had. A mission to help women feel heard and empowered in their health.


So I started to put together a course with what I've learned, what I teach my current patients, and what I wish I knew 15 years ago when I was diagnosed with IBS. It's the information you need to understand why and start changing the experience.


Introducing the IBS User Guide

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The Ultimate IBS Cheat Sheet - an easy to use journal tool to quickly evaluate where your gut is needing extra support

6 Key Modules broken down into short easy-to-digest segments (no pun intended!) so it's easy to fit into your busy schedule that walk you through what IBS is and the foundations to rebuild a healthier gut

Access to live Q&As with me each month in the private Facebook group

Support from a small group of other women learning to take control of their gut health 


The course is designed for you to move at your own pace and you'll have access to the content for the life of the course. 


This is what you get...

Let's get your set up for gut health success.

Here's how it works:

The IBS User Guide is designed to work through in sequential order. We start with understanding why you have IBS and the different underlying causes and factors. Then we work through 4 foundational areas of health crucial for a strong, healthy gut: nutrition, stress, sleep, and hormones. This will allow you to use the ultimate IBS Cheat Sheet to reflect on what is happening in your gut. We finish with troubleshooting and next steps. This will allow you to advocate for yourself better when it comes to your gut health. You’ll also receive access to our monthly LIVE Q&A calls to get your gut health questions answered and set the foundation for a thriving gut.


Module 1 : IBS 101

This is our starting point. We will unpack what causes and contributes to IBS. We break down how a healthy digestive system functions and lay the framework for the rest of the course.


The Lessons:

Intro to IBS

Basics of Digestion

The Other Gut

Foundations of the Gut

What is IBS, the different types and the various underlying causes

How digestion is supposed to work and what that tells us about our guts

A crash course on the powerhouse of the gut, the microbiome, and how it is key to rebuilding a stronger gut

What do we need in place for a healthy gut & how we use the Ultimate IBS Cheat Sheet


Module 2: Nourish

Let’s make our way into the kitchen! You’ll gain a practical understanding of nutrition that supports your gut – without unnecessary restriction.

The Lessons:

Nutrition for the Gut


Food Sensitivities


Prebiotics & Fiber

The Low FODMAP Diet

Basics of healthy nutrition for you and your gut

Why these happen, how to overcome them, and what the deal is with gluten & dairy for the gut


What is all the hype and how do these fit in a healthy gut

Why this is recommended, who it's for, and how this diet should be done.

Module 3: The Mind-Gut Connection

We’ll explore how stress and your thought patterns impact the physical functioning of your digestive system. 

You know stress impacts your health and this module will show you exactly HOW that happens. 

The Lessons:

The 2 Nervous Systems


Nervous System Disruptors

The Vagus Nerve

Stress Tolerance

We're going to compare our two baseline responses and how dysregulation keeps us and our guts stressed.

The habits that are keeping you stuck in fight/flight mode (a.k.a stress mode!)


This is the physical mind gut connection and we're going to go over how we harness it's power to calm and strengthen our guts

What this really means and how we start to achieve it for better gut health


Module 4: Sleep Mastery

Sleep is an underrated, free gift that’s needed for our survival. So how does it tie in with our gut health? We’ll dive into the mysteries of sleep and how to catch some quality zzzs.

The Lessons:

Sleep Facts & the Gut

Bad Sleep Habits

Sleep Hacking

Supporting Sleep

Why we sleep & what regulates sleep and how this affects our guts

Why you're not sleeping well and the habits that aren't helping


How to design optimal sleep conditions to harness your gut health

Supportive natural products that can help get you a better nights sleep


Module 5: Hormone Happiness

We know that hormone health is vital to your overall health and its also a key player in our gut. We'll start to understand why IBS is more common in women and how to work with our hormones instead of against them.


The Lessons:

Intro to Hormones

Cycle Masterclass

Hormone Disruptors

Hormone Support

What our hormones do for us and how they impact our guts

Why we cycle each month and what to expect


Common things that lead to problems with our hormones

Strategies for support healthy hormone production and regulation


Module 6: Troubleshooting IBS

This is where we put it all together. We troubleshoot other reasons for your symptoms and we talk strategies for dealing with flare-ups


The Lessons:


Working through flare-ups

Further Evaluations

Putting it all together

Now that you understand why flare-ups happen, we'll explore ways to calm them

Things that really should be looked at and other tests to consider


Putting together why you have IBS, how we put the foundations of gut health together, and next steps

Let's Elevate your Gut!

The investment is a one-time payment of $197 CAD or three payments of $65.50



Does this course provide treatment options?

  •  This course is for educational purposes only. While I am a naturopathic doctor and have provided my 1:1 patients with successful treatment options, I can’t do this for you. 

  • However, I know that understanding the basics of gut health will empower you to make well- informed decisions. This knowledge will also help you have deeper conversations with your physician to co-create the optimal treatment plan for you.

  • If you are looking for a more personalized plan, let's chat about working together 1:1 - email me!



I’m dealing with gut issues, but I’m not sure if this course is for me. Will I benefit from the course?

  • Gut health is very complex! We’re each unique individuals. While we may share similar symptoms, this doesn’t mean we’re going through the exact same thing.

  • You may require additional treatment. However, this course will provide you good foundational gut knowledge.



What time are the live Q&A calls? What if I can’t make them?

  • The times are TBD but the schedule will be posted in our Facebook group. If you can’t make the calls, they will be recorded for you to view later. You’ll also have the opportunity to submit questions beforehand – so even if you can’t make it live, your specific questions will still be answered. 


Try it risk-free for 14 days

I'm here on a mission to help women elevate their gut health. 

The IBS User Guide was created from years of research and years of experience helping women, just like you, take back control of their digestive health. While not everyone has the same story, everyone benefits from the foundations of gut health. 

These foundations are the key to building a happy, healthy, strong gut. 

The IBS User Guide is designed to comprehensively teach you about your IBS and these foundations along with strategies on how to implement them. By the end of the first 2 weeks, you'll be able to dive into at least 2 modules. This means you'll have a greater understanding of IBS and how your digestion works. You'll also have learned how to use food and nutrition to support your gut, no restrictions required.  

If by this point, you're not confident and excited about the modules to come, simply reach out, let me know why it's not working for you, and I'll return your investment. 


No strings attached and no hard feelings. 

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Let's do it.

The investment is a one-time payment of $197 CAD

Have Questions?

I’m here for you. I want you to make the best decision for your health. Let’s talk things through!
Email me!

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